Welcome in the world of ShiningDolls! Our cattery was designed in 2015 with the intention of getting more people to know this wonderful breed.

Everybody in our family grew up with animals, so we adored the idea of sharing our everydays with these miracolous creatures. The Ragdoll breed enchanted us so much at first sight that got started the breeding immediately!

Our general knowledge about cats made the start easy but very soon we realised that breeding cats is a never ending learning process. This is the reason why we are educating ourselves, going to cat shows and seminars from the beginnings.

In our home we strive to ensure the best conditions to our cats so they can live comfortably, happily and healthy with us, among us. Socialization of our kittens is in our particular attention in which every member of the family takes part of. Our goal is that the new owners find themselves a beautiful, healthy and vivacious companion to share many many happy years with..

Our cattery is registered member of Tica (the International Cat Association) in a good standing. We are also member of the Hungarian KaTICA Cat Club and the MMME (Magyar Macska Mánia Egyesület)

We are strictly against de-clawing!

All our breeder cats are tested on FIV (Feline Immundeficiency Virus), FeLV (Feline Leukemia Virus) and HCM (Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy) and they are negative.